About Gin Cherry Illustration

Hello. I’m Gin Cherry, Purveyor of Art and Delights for Gin Cherry Monster Corporation of Illustration. This website is just a small sampling of my art, so please email me with requests or queries.

About Gin Cherry Illustration

I’m inspired by monsters (obviously), Art Nouveau, traditional tattoos, atomic comics, graphic novels, The Muppet Show, and Victorian mourning ephemera. I used to work as a toy designer, with projects ranging from action figures to Disney characters.

Do you like monsters?

Yes? Then I invite you to contact me with requests or queries. I create custom illustrations, branding and logos.

Do you like winning free monsters?

Of course you do. Occasionally, under the vast remit of my authority, Gin Cherry Monster Corporation gives away original fine art prints. I never sell or share your personal details, or contact you without your permission. To be eligible for giveaways, please keep in touch: